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All Star Motorsport Productions is the ONLY safety-certified nationwide company that specializes in providing high quality monster truck entertainment specifically designed for fairs! As the industry leader, we are the ONLY company that is so confident in our events that we offer both a price match guarantee and loss protection for your event.




All Star Motorsport Productions can provide your fair with a safe, exciting, and profitable event. We pride ourselves on quality events. While other providers drastically sacrifice quality and safety, we refuse to cut corners with our events. We only use nationally known safety-certified monster trucks, trained safety-certified event officials, high energy event announcers, A+ rated insurance and much more. Since we are a nationwide company, our large network of resources allows us to guarantee we are the most affordably priced option for our event quality.

We are so confident in our events, that we are the only company in the industry that offers protection against a loss in your grandstand. Because our events are so successful with profitable sold out events across the country, we are able to make this guarantee, giving your fair peace of mind knowing that we are with your every step of the way to make your fair profitable!

Others can claim they are the best value, a ‘premier solution’ and have quality events.

So what makes All Star different? We can prove our quality!

We are the only company that is so confident in our events that we offer a price match guarantee to our competitors AND loss protection for your first year event.

We are the only company that proudly post our successful event photos with huge sold out crowds (click here to see above).

We are also the only company that proudly posts positive references from satisfied fairs all across the United States (click here to see below).

Of the Top 10 state fairs in America, only 3 of them choose to do monster truck events. These fairs do months of research and fact checking, and all 3 of these fairs decided to exclusively use All Star Motorsport Productions. The Alaska State Fair, New York State Fair* and Arizona State Fair all chose All Star over the competition based on our proven track record of the highest quality and safest monster truck events available on the market today.

We are also the ONLY company to ever take monster trucks to both The Alaska State Fair AND the Hawaii State Fair. Our company can handle the logistical challenges of these events, so you can feel even more confident in the ability for All Star to handle the challenges of your fair!

*All Star produced the event at The New York State Fair until the grandstand was torn down and the facility was no longer able to host motorsport events. The New York State Fair is actively attempting to build a new venue that is able to host our events again.

New York State FairArizona State Fair

Alaksa State Fair

Although we pride ourselves on these large events, our core business model remains bringing the nations best monster truck events to your local fair on your budget. We always remember that our focus is on YOU. We can fully customize our events to fit any size fair and any size budget.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does your event cost?

Every fair is unique in it’s own way, so providing a 1-size-fits-all cookie-cutter pricing is not what we are about. All of our events are fully customized to your specific fair to make sure your specific event is profitable. We are so confident in our events, that we offer a price match guarantee AND protection against a loss in your grandstand. This gives you the confidence that you are getting the best value and you are being protected in the rare case of a loss.

Are you available for my fair dates?

We are a nationwide company with years of experience producing over 500 events. We have multiple different teams of quality monster trucks and professional event officials all across the United States, all safety-certified and held to the highest standards in the industry. This means we are more than likely available for your fair dates!

Does my fair arena/grandstand have enough room?

YES! If your fair has enough room for a tractor pull or demolition derby, we can customize a monster truck or thrill show event that will be safe, exciting, and profitable to your specific venue.

Aren’t all monster truck shows the same? Why should I choose All Star over another company?

All monster truck events are certainly not created equal. All Star Motorsport Productions meets and exceeds the highest standards in the industry for safety and quality, ensuring you have the best possible event. Here is what you receive with an All Star event compared to other providers on the market today:


Image Map

All Star is obviously the right choice for our fair. How do I get my customized event quote?

We are available 24/7/365 to speak with you about building a customized event for your specific fair. When contacting us about receiving an event quote, simply provide us with the following information:
1.) Your fair location
2.) Your fair dates (and if you have a specific date you are looking to fill)
3.) Your grandstand seating capacity
4.) Your ticket pricing (Free grandstand or is it paid admission, and if so, how much is admission for other motorsport events)

Contact us anytime by phone at (941)-780-1972 or by e-mail at


Fairs that have partnered with All Star Motorsport Productions experienced success and profitability in 2017. Here is what a few of our happy fairs had to say:

“We have used All Star Motorsport Productions since 2013, and we are bringing him back this year after his event filled out 3500 seat grandstand each year. Our initial concern was the condition of the arena after the show, as we have 3 days of national PRCA rodeo immediately following the All Star Monster Truck Show. We have had no complaints about the arena conditions, as the All Star staff leaves the arena in as good or better condition than they found it. I highly recommend All Star Motorsport Productions for any venue that requires a quick turnaround time for events!”

- John Pitz, Manager, Twin Falls County Fair (Filer Idaho)

Twin Falls County Fair

“The All Star staff were very professional. It was clear that they knew what they were doing, had a clear understanding of the event and what the crowd and the fair board expected. All Star provided a lot of promotional material and were very helpful in the pre-event process by providing digital content for ads, advance notice of what trucks were going to perform and much more. This helped a lot in social media marketing. All Star worked well with our audio and video production team, treated our fair royalty well and understood they were a working part of the entire fair. All Star provided us with high quality professional monster trucks and with full coverage insurance. We had a sold out crowd of over 4000 fans.

Larry Gaffey, General Manager, Walworth County Fair (Elkhorn Wisconsin)

Walworth County Fair

“The open communication leading up to the event was top notch, exceeding the coordination we have had with any event promoter we have worked with in the past. Track prep work for the show was minimal for the Fair staff as All Star and crew were on-site the night before. The show itself was handled very professionally with energetic announcing that maintained the audience’s attention and involvement. All safety features discussed were utilized and upheld during the show. Track cleanup was handled in a professional manner with no concerns or issues needing to be resolved. The biggest hurdle for the Fair staff was handling a sell out crowd that arrived at showtime. As the director of fleet operations for the 5th largest privately owned trucking company in America, I work with thousands of vendors on a weekly basis. The professionalism and partnership that has been put forth by All Star has created a long term working relationship for future fairs to come.

Travis Steinhart, Ozaukee County Fair (Cedarburg Wisconsin)

Ozaukee County Fair

We also encourage you to contact some of our other proud partner venues:

Julie DoughteryArizona State Fair (Phoenix Arizona)

Donna Smith50th (Hawaii) State Fair (Honolulu Hawaii)

Derk HatchUintah County Fair (Vernal Utah)

Ken KraftLake County Fair (Crown Point Indiana)

Rea CallenderNevada County Fair (Grass Valley California)

Jason RyanThe Great New York State Fair (Syracuse New York)


BOTTOM LINE: Our goals are simple, draw in a large diverse crowd that has disposable income, entertain that crowd with a high energy professional event, and then release them to your midway or concession area excited to spend more money. We focus on YOUR profitability!

Don’t be fooled by imitation, while others just say it, we backup our claims as the industry leader in providing fairs of all sizes with professional monster truck entertainment. We are ready to create a customized event package for you right now! Any size venue and any size budget, we can create a profitable motorsport event for your fair or as a stand alone event for your venue. Contact us anytime, we look forward to hearing from you!

Bryan Wagner – President – All Star Motorsport Productions




See The ALL STAR Difference:

Production Element 
What All Star Offers
What Others Offer
MONSTER TRUCKS All Star only uses the highest quality monster trucks in the industry. Quality is our standard, and every one of our monster trucks teams are nationally recognized. All of our trucks compete in major arenas, stadiums, and/or on nationally televised events. We are proud to have access to former world champions and the legendary icon of the sport BIGFOOT.

All Star also keeps our events quality controlled by making every one of our monster truck teams pass a rigorous safety inspection prior to every event. We are proud that our monster trucks are sanctioned by the highest standards set in the industry.

Other providers use low quality monster trucks as the standard option in their events. These low quality monster trucks that are standard with other providers do not meet basic standards and do not go through a safety inspection. This causes more breakdowns during your show and a safety failure could lead to a potentially damaging incident to your facility. With other providers, quality trucks are an additional hidden fee added onto your event price.

Be forewarned of companies who promote “cutting out the middle man” and owning their own trucks. This means the company has to divide their attention between producing an exciting event and keeping their monster trucks running.. The result is the event production suffers because there isn’t a dedicated person to ensure event safety and quality. The trucks are also prone to more breakage since the drivers are not properly preparing their trucks safety and quality wise because they are helping build the track and run the show. You wouldn’t expect a nationally known singer to also setup and run their own stage lighting/sound with no staff, so don’t expect a monster truck owner to be able to provide a quality monster truck and quality show with no staff.

EVENT STAFF All Star only uses safety-certified and trained track professionals. Our trained track officials work full time in the monster truck industry, and have years of experience traveling the nation producing high quality events for All Star year-round. This ensures you get the most exciting and safest track design, specifically tailored to your facility. Trained safety-certified event staff members also ensures that your event will run fast and smooth, with no downtime during our high quality events. Other providers use untrained, inexperienced part-time, local help to design, build, and run your event. This means your track design will either be unexciting and/or potentially dangerous to your facility due to improper layout. With untrained or local event staff, this also means the track officials won’t know what to do in case of an issue during your event, causing long delays and boring your audience.
EVENT ANNOUNCER All Star only uses professional event announcers for every event. This keeps your fans excited and entertained throughout the event. Our professional announcer also promote your event sponsors, upcoming grandstand events and the excitement of your midway, maximizing your overall profitability. Other providers use local or non-professional announcers for their events. These announcers don’t know critical information about the monster trucks or the show production, causing the energy of the show to be boring. These announcers also will not promote your sponsors, upcoming grandstand events, or your midway.
EVENT INSURANCE All Star is fully insured through with $2 million in A+ Rated K&K Insurance Coverage. This gives you peace-of-mind knowing your fair, your facility, your crowd, and any event sponsors are fully covered top to bottom by the best insurance available on the market today. All Star also designs every event to meet the strict safety standards of the insurance policy, and even though All Star has never had to make an insurance claim, our insurance would 100% cover your event in the very rare case of an incident. Other providers use C-Rated Insurance that specifically excludes coverage of motorsport events. Furthermore, since these events are not designed to meet safety standards, the trucks are not safety certified, and the track officials are not safety certified, this means the insurance company can easily deny an insurance claim, leaving your fair, facility, and crowd un-insured!
EVENT PROMOTION All Star gives you all of the tools you need to have a sell out crowd. All Star gives you personalized service, working with you every step of the way by providing promotional tools, including high quality photos and video footage, a press release for your local newspaper, a full color event poster, a one-sheet for your front office, and much more. All Star will also provide our professional staff and drivers before and during the event to meet with any TV or Radio outlets to help promote the event. All Star can also produce a full Radio and TV commercial spot package to help promote the event. Finally All Star also promotes your event through our website and our social media pages, further increasing the marketing power of your event. Other providers refuse to post your event on their website or on their social media pages. Other providers are more concerned with their own self-interest in keeping your event a secret from the rest of the monster truck industry, rather than focusing on promoting your event every way possible. Feel free to check our competitors websites and social media pages to confirm this!
REFERENCES & “THE GOOGLE TEST” All Star is very proud that we produce events with sold out crowds all across the United States. We urge you to further investigate our company. We are the only company out there that will provide references directly on our website. We are also proud of our great fans and positive response to our events. Feel free to check our social media page and see hundreds of positive posts from our fans! We also urge you to simply put our name into Google and see that you will not find any negative results! Other providers are not concerned with the long term profitable success of your fair. This is why they do not post their references or their event schedule, worrying that you will find many unhappy fairs. On top of not promoting your events on social media, you will see very limited social media posts from fans, because the fans are not happy with the quality of the events. Finally, we simply ask you to put their company name or the president of the companies name into Google, and see the negative results that come back including cases of fraud and arrests.