Monster Truck Rentals – Displays, Birthday Parties, and more!

Looking to “Rent a Monster Truck”? Look no further! All Star Motorsport Productions has a nationwide network of monster truck and motorsport attractions to fit your needs! Many people ask what it takes to rent a monster truck for their event, and here are the basics:


– Due to the high cost of liability insurance, travel to your event, and labor cost with setup and teardown of the trucks, monster truck rental rates start at $3,500 and above. This includes birthday parties and any community/charity style events.

Our monster trucks travel to events inside of semi trucks. This is part of the high cost due to diesel fuel prices and the labor to put the big tires on and off of the trucks. Because the semi trucks need access to the event site, there are many neighborhoods for birthday parties that have low-hanging trees, low-hanging powerlines, weight-limited bridges and tight streets, making the monster truck unavailable to reach your venue. Additionally, these semi trucks may not be able to park in downtown areas, especially New York City, without special permitting and road blockages. Be aware of your event location limitations before contacting us.

– Our professional monster truck teams book out months in advance. Please allow a minimum of 2 months advance notice of your event date. If you are looking for a monster truck for a July event, it is unlikely we will have anything available if you contact us in June. Because of major indoor stadium and event shows being held in the winter time, monster truck rentals are unavailable for December, January, and February.

– For record purposes, we ask that you only make a monster truck rental request by e-mail, do not call us. Phone calls for monster truck rentals will not be returned without a corresponding written e-mail.

– If you are accepting of the cost, have semi truck access and parking at your venue, and are at least 2 months ahead of your projected event date. Feel free to e-mail us with your exact event date and location for further details on how we can provide you with a monster truck rental.

Want to make an ever lasting impression on your child for his/her birthday? A monster truck on display is a popular way to be the talk of the neighborhood and give your child a birthday they will never forget. We have a nationwide network of monster trucks available for static displays at birthday parties.

Parents please be advised: there are a lot of costs involved with the monster truck and motorsport industry, including transportation/fuel costs, the high cost of liability insurance, setup/teardown labor, etc. You can not simply rent a monster truck birthday experience for a few hundred dollars. Due to the cost and truck availability for your area, birthday parties start at $3,500 and up. If you are aware and accepting of these facts, please feel free to e-mail us at Please provide the event date and location in your e-mail.

Looking for MONSTEROUS results for your local business? A monster truck display can literally stop traffic and directly drive people into your place of business. We have a nationwide network of high quality monster trucks available for static displays in front of your place of business. Perfect for grand openings, re-launches, and huge sales! Each of our monster truck displays comes with the professional driver signing autographs and allowing fans to take photos with the monster truck. Get INSTANT results, drive foot traffic into your business today. CLICK HERE to contact us today for a free quote.

All Star Motorsport Productions can bring the action and excitement of a wide range of monster truck and motorsports entertainment to your festival, corporate event, and many other style of events! We have a long list of positive references from our nationwide partners who rely on All Star Motorsport Productions to help drive people to their event.

We can do anything from monster trucks on display, doing car crushing freestyle exhibitions, or even giving rides. We also provide a huge list of other motorsport entertainment options, including Freestyle Motocross Jumpers, 30-Foot Tall Car Eating Dinosaur, Professional Fire Thrill Show Stuntmen, BMX Stunt Teams, Mini Monster Trucks, and so much more!

Elevate your next event! CLICK HERE to contact us today for a free quote.


Bryan Wagner – President – All Star Motorsport Productions